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The Whole Solution

With the high fixed costs and the challenges of finding the right person it is not surprising that employing senior managers can be a high risk. This is why the commercial world is moving more and more towards sub-contracting.

While, modern thinking organisations in the legal sector should be considering the use of specialist consultants and sub-contractors there needs to be a greater level of commitment to your business than would be seen with a typical consultancy. In this way concerns such as client confidentiality and long term commitment to the delivery of the strategies introduced can be addressed (in other words being a true member of your organisation and there to see it through).

Esterase Ltd provides firms in the legal sector with committed senior executives, backed up by an experienced team, able to provide you with a range of strategic and management support as and when required and to take on the responsibility of the Business or Practice Manager’s role.

The Benefits

We believe that there are a number of significant benefits that will be gained by following this route:

  • Access to a highly experienced executive team at a cost and timetable suited to your business;
  • Provision of executives committed to your organisation and capable of delivering strategic change and commercial advantage;
  • Significantly reduced fixed overheads when compared to permanently employing an experienced Practice or Business Manager.
  • Reduced risk of failed appointments and lost transition costs.
  • Provision of services by a professional organisation with PI cover.
  • A highly experienced but flexible resource to support your incumbent clerking and administration teams and help to further strengthen your commercial & financial position.
  • The ability to increase or decrease the level of support required to match your organisation's true requirements and cash flow limitations.

Compared to the traditional route of adding a permanent employee and substantial fixed cost to the organisation's overheads, our suggested route is an innovative method for recruiting committed high level expertise whilst reducing the financial risk.

How we work – The 3 phase approach

Our team contains the following expertise;

  • MBA level Executive Consultants with experience of managing organisations in the legal sector (both Chambers and Practice)
  • Chartered Accountants who have been Senior Partners of their own practices and act in both Executive and Non-Executive roles for a range of organisations.
  • Web design, marketing and design consultants
  • Consultants in administration and procedures, Quality Control and Tender preparation.

As an example of how our services work, we would initially allocate one of our senior executives on a 3-5 day per week basis. They would engage with your existing team and develop an understanding of the current processes and delivering the key responsibilities as would be expected from your Business / Practice Manager. It would also be expected that our Executive would review the existing position of the organisation with the aim of developing future strategy proposals. This work would be on a retainer agreed with you and based on the work to be carried out.

Once this initial phase (typically 3 months or so) is completed a policy document would be provided to the Senior Partners or Management Committee outlining the proposed future support structure to the organisation and covering the following:

  1. Standard Business / Practice Manager responsibilities, the time required to manage these and how they will be delivered.
  2. Strategic advice and proposals with regards to on-going reviews of development opportunities, typically on a monthly basis. Providing mentoring /     non-exec support to the decision makers of the organisation (this can include providing additional technical support to the Compliance Officers).
  3. Target projects for the short and medium term development of the organisation.

Items one and two would form part of an agreed retainer fee based on the required future monthly commitment.

Item 3 would provide a series of recommended projects to develop the profile and performance of the organisation with proposed pricing structures for each project. This allows the decision makers within the organisation to take on future developments in a flexible way to match cash flow and cost restrictions.

In this way we can supply your organisation with the full benefits of highly experienced management support in a way that maximises value to you and that provides a low financial risk solution, ensuring that you only pay for the time and services you need.

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Esterase is a niche provider of commercial, management and executive level expertise to organisations in the legal sector. We work as part of your management team bringing a range of experience and business knowledge to strengthen your position in an ever tightening market.ESTERASE

Trading Terms

All projects are quoted for in a clear, concise way outlining the services to be offered with straightforward pricing (fixed wherever possible). Clients are invoiced on a monthly basis for the services delivered with payment terms 14 days from date of invoice.

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