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We are all well aware that the legal sector is facing a time of significant change. Barristers are very much subject to the challenges faced by the sector and while the Bar Standards Board are still consulting on their new code of conduct, to reflect the requirements of the Legal Services Act 2007, we can already see ahead to increasing competition and alternative structures.

At the same time potential revenue streams including from areas such as legal aid and contingency fee arrangements are being restricted.

However this is also a time of opportunity in the new competitive climate. Barristers can act as consultants to other organisations (including Solicitors’ Practices). There is the opportunity for direct access to clients and there is the future potential for alternative business structures brining new opportunities for financing and strategies.

With all of these changes any Chambers must look to keep their fixed overheads as low as possible, to avoid unnecessary expense, while employing a support team capable of delivering the maximum commercial advantage to all Members.

The traditional route of employing executive level permanent managers, with the level of commercial expertise required, imposes significant fixed costs and risk of failure for a set of chambers. As it is, most Members already feel the pain of a significant proportion of their revenue going towards the services provided by the chambers.

Our Service

The commercial world is moving towards sub-contracting and in our view the modern thinking Barristers Chambers should be considering this as well. This is particularly true with the high fixed costs and uncertainties of employing permanent senior managers. Esterase Ltd provides Chambers with a committed and experienced team (typically at MBA level) to provide you with a range of senior management services as and when required.

We can provide a range of individual services or a combined Business Management Solution to deliver the commercial advantage that the modern Set requires as it considers the challenges ahead. Our support includes:

  • Financial and accounting management,
  • Strategic advice, including business mentoring support to the management committee
  • Marketing strategy and development of knowledge based marketing solutions
  • HR managements and support of both the Clerking and Administration teams
  • Administration control and BARMARK

Our goal is to help your Set move forward confidently into the more competitive environment that all those within the legal sector are facing. We aim to do this by delivering clear commercial advantage through improved marketing and business management in a way that minimises the fixed overheads of the Set.


Esterase is a niche provider of commercial, management and executive level expertise to organisations in the legal sector. We work as part of your management team bringing a range of experience and business knowledge to strengthen your position in an ever tightening market.ESTERASE

Trading Terms

All projects are quoted for in a clear, concise way outlining the services to be offered with straightforward pricing (fixed wherever possible). Clients are invoiced on a monthly basis for the services delivered with payment terms 14 days from date of invoice.

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