About Us

We can provide a range of expert support, overseen by a dedicated Business or Practice Manager

Esterase Ltd was founded to provide support to professional organisations, typically working in the legal sector. Our aim is to supply our clients with the best of both worlds; dedicated personnel working as part of your team and a backup resource of specialist expertise capable of delivering significant commercial and competitive advantage.

As is well recognised, a permanent high quality Business or Practice Manager is an expensive resource for any organisation. By bringing a unique team together, our business model means that we offer a range of expert support, overseen by a dedicated Business or Practice Manager, and in such a way that you as the client can choose what level of input you require at any time. This allows you to control the costs more effectively, ensuring that you are paying for true value at all times and not simply to fill a role.

As an organisation Esterase aims to work in as lean a way as possible. With minimal internal admin costs in our own organisation and direct access to our key consultants for you, we minimise our own overheads. This all helps us to provide our clients with as competitive a pricing solution as possible.

So with Esterase you know that you will have a dedicated business/practice manager with the same commitment that you would have from a permanent employee. We don’t want to simply provide one off consultancy projects and then walk away. Our aim is to give you the confidence that your organisation is as efficiently run as it can be and you have the management support to free you up to do what you do best…. Supporting and developing your own clients.


Esterase is a niche provider of commercial, management and executive level expertise to organisations in the legal sector. We work as part of your management team bringing a range of experience and business knowledge to strengthen your position in an ever tightening market.ESTERASE

Trading Terms

All projects are quoted for in a clear, concise way outlining the services to be offered with straightforward pricing (fixed wherever possible). Clients are invoiced on a monthly basis for the services delivered with payment terms 14 days from date of invoice.

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